Our Family

Kay Schwartz and Vicki Kriser are the proud owners of this special baby boutique.

Kay Schwartz owned Daydreams prior to starting Babydreams. For almost 35 years, Kay's artistic talent and vision has successfully clothed Chicago's northshore children. With three grown children and young grandchildren, Kay continues to have a finger on the pulse of the community and new parents and grandparents. Kay started with a sewing machine in her basement and neighborhood children as her models. She has become an inspiration for local artists and merchants.

Vicki Kriser has been an active member of the community for 40 years. She has retail in her blood since she grew up in her family business in NY. "Jamma" has 7 beautiful grandchildren from her 2 sons. They are a fun and close knit family. Focused on customer satisfaction, she infuses the boutique with her continued guidance and shared wisdom.

Rachel Tarr, Store Manager, has a decade of experience in retail and loves specializing in baby gifts. Her patience and kindness is second to none. She is a master at designing gifts to highlight its content. Having grown up in the community, Rachel has a respect for customer needs. She works closely with the owners to ensure continued customer satisfaction.

A prerequisite for our customer-focused staff is a sincere and gentle smile. We are always willing to listen to customer needs to help find that special something. We want nothing more than to make the gift giver and recipient happy. We love to see pictures of the babies (and "bigs") enjoying their gifts and would be happy to share those pictures on the "Our Extended Family" page. It is the greatest compliment we can ask for.